Royal Crown Derby

    Established in 1750, Royal Crown Derby are one of the last remaining original fine bone china creators that’s still 100% made in England. Specialising in luxury, functional and decorative tableware and giftware, Royal Crown Derby are world renowned for the quality craftsmanship that’s embodied at their Osmaston Works factory in Derby, England. For more information about Royal Crown Derby, click here!


    Umm Simplicity

    Umm Simplicity make handmade gifts for a variety of occasions. They also do bespoke orders depending on what’s required. In addition to this, Umm Simplicity take old rundown or reusable items, making them look attractive for a new home, instead of going to the landfill.


    Very Craftea

    Very Craftea, selling socially responsive loose leaf tea with cute craft kits! with everything included (so you don’t need to buy loads of other stuff to finish your craft project). It all started one evening with a good friend, a cup of tea, some cake and trying to answer the thought provoking questions, like ‘why aren’t there trousers for dogs?’ Good company and tea. What would make it even better would be a craft kit to go along with it – and that’s how Very Craftea came into existence.


    The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company

    The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company have always been passionate about tea and coffee, and in 2013 they turned that passion into a business which now supplies fine leaf tea, roasted coffee, machines and training with excellent customer service. Susie’s background has always been centred around customer service for both large and small companies, and this is something The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company feel makes a company stand out. Click here to find out more about The Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company!


    UNITEA Blends

    In a loud world that may be divided for whatever reasons, there is a picture of unity. The name Unitea came from asking how it was possible to create a brand that oozed inclusivity. All classes, all levels of intelligence, statuses, ages, genders, simply coming together through tea. This drink is inclusive. It’s inviting and welcomes everyone. Time shared together in Unitea.  Click here to find out more about UNITEA Blends!


    Hannah Sells Tea

    Hannah Sells Tea are a small and totally independent tea company in Norwich specialising in fine tea and infusions. Starting out with £350, Hannah Sells Tea began importing loose teas. Soon the requests to have the tea in tea bags meant they had to invent a way to make them, without a machine. Hannah Sells Tea make their own teabags by hand, with little other than a heat press, Radio 3, and great teamwork. They hand cut our bags, hand measure each scoop, and can produce several hundred or even a thousand individual teabags in a day.  


    Refresh Tea & Soap Co.

    We are excited to announce that Refresh Tea & Soap Co. will be exhibiting at The Great British Tea Festival. Happiness in a bar: it’s healthy, rejuvenating TeaSoap! Luxurious, sustainably produced (palm-free) oils start this healthful experience, bringing you comfort and refreshment in a moisturising lather and the aromas of your favourite teas.


    Clipper Merchant Tea House

      Black, Green, White, Matcha, Rooibos, Chai, Oolong, Pu-erh, Herbal: Clipper Merchant Tea House have it, from the best Darjeelings to quality Greens to rare Pu-erhs dated by vintage like fine wine. Being brilliantly British, Clipper Merchant Tea House have perfectly named teas such as, White Cliffs, Jane Austen and Cotswold Spring. Find out more information about Clipper Merchant Tea House here!  


    Nothing But Tea

    Nothing But Tea is an independant family run business in Bedford, where we pack tea, ship orders, have a custom tasting room and now a showroom. There are two things which drive what Nothing But Tea do. The first is Tea. Tea should be loose leaf, it should be well made, of good quality, taste great, be well kept, and well brewed. The second is customers. Nothing But Tea strive to provide excellent service. If you are looking for a particular tea, have an idea for a gift, want something special visit Nothing But Tea. For more information about Nothing But Tea, click here!

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