The 5 Best Tea’s For a Good Nights Sleep


Chamomile tea is probably the best known of all the herbal teas when it comes to promoting a good night’s sleep. It is one that I can personally vouch for along with the millions of other people who have found it to be effective.

There is no hard evidence that chamomile tea has any especially powerful sedative qualities but people the world over continue to use it and swear by its effect. It is found as an ingredient in many bedtime tea brands and is easy to make yourself by drying the flowers and then brewing them.


Unlike most other teas used for promoting sleep, valerian can actually boast a certain amount of scientific evidence. Studies have demonstrated that valerian root has sedative properties which can calm the mind and ease stress and anxiety.

Valerian tea is made from the flower’s roots and it has been used for many years to help people deal with stress, anxiety and insomnia. You may need to use valerian tea each night for a number of weeks before you start feeling its full sedative effects but for anybody with insomnia, valerian tea may well have the answers.


Lavender essential oil is very well-known for its abilities to calm the mind and improve both the duration and the quality of sleep. A number of studies into the effects of lavender have revealed it can help ease anxiety, reduce heart rate and help people to relax.

When you drink lavender tea, you are getting the benefits of both the fragrance and the plant’s volatile oils. It is very easy to make yourself from the fresh or dried lavender buds.


This is an extremely healthy blend of two of the healthiest known herbs and spices. If you love the taste of ginger as much as I do, then you will certainly enjoy a relaxing healthy cup of ginger tea spiced up with the incredibly therapeutic turmeric.

Even if it does not help you get off to sleep, you will benefit a great deal from the health properties of this tea. Add some good quality honey to taste if you find the flavor too pungent.


Lemon balm is considered to be a calming herb and is known for its sedative qualities.Although the effectiveness of lemon balm as a sedative is still in dispute, there is some evidence that when combined with valerian root, it can help people to get a better night of sleep. Lemon balm tea may also help you deal with the anxiety that is preventing you from getting off to sleep.


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